Transport Simulator

UI, Website, RWD

I thought for fun to make a website regarding a popular roblox game as most of these games don’t have website or a method to attract users. So i made contact with the owner of Transport Simulator and tried to make a website. But before i began making the website i first tried to map the target audience and look what they need precisely. They needed a website that informed them about everything connected to the game. From trainings that are being hosted, to appealing for a punishment or rules that apply in the game.

Further did i make also a working staff platform where only permitted users could login and search for certain guides or requirements for giving a training. On this way were users not annoyed or disorientated by information from staff and was it information only for staff secured without that others could see it.

The website was made via WordPress and Elementor to easy change the website and make it easily mobile-friendly

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