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During my second year of Interaction Design were we told to build a website regarding a specific marketing product subject that you would sell. In this process we mapped the target audience and made a customer journey map explaining the whole process the audience would expereince when shopping. After this we made a Woocommerce environment with Elementor in WordPress. This taught me that even without coding you can build easy website with not too much cohesion, that also is mobile friendly and easy accesible for everyone.

After we had mapped the target audience and build a woocommerce environment was it time to improve Searchmachine optimalisation. We did this by selecting certain words that your target audience would use to visit your website and then generate advertisement for searches regarding these words on platforms like google. Further did I improve the Searchmachine optimalisation by fixing problems that could affect the loading time. Like making images from png to jpg or good construction of the headers.

The reason I had chosen for a marketing subject as vaccins, was because it is a current subject that is still going on in our community. That was why I thought this was a perfect subject to make a marketing website about and it seems like it was a great idea. As the subject is a very important matter today

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