UI, UX, Virtual reality

During my second year were we told to make an interactive application via Virtual reality for De Campagne in Groningen. We needed to make our target audience aware that biodiversity is going downhill and that we need to take drastic actions to turn this around. To do this did we make an interactable virtual reality game in Unity. This was the first time i worked with Unity. Althought it didn’t go without any hassle I still managed to make an interactable puzzle to make users aware of the dying biodiversity.

For VR in Unity were we using the Oculus quest 2 as device as it’s a common VR-device used by many owners. as for the controls and interaction did we make use of the XR plugin inside Unity to give the user a body and possible interaction with his surroundings. After we had a foundation we started to make the puzzles and surround the users in a different world by building a shed and flowers around them to make it feel more alive, after that we started to give sound and interactable tips to inform the user.

In the end we made an interactable VR game with explanatory video and puzzles to make users aware of biodiversity at festivals for De Campagne

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