propaedeutic year

July 7, 2020

My propaedeutic year learned me alot of being consistent, mapping your target audience and building responsive designs

During my praedeutic year from my major Interaction Design were I taught to be consistent with my design. Always keep the headers the same height, have same sized grids and never let it get broken, while also explaining what precisely your style is and precisely why you chose that color or font. Further was it important to map your target audience completely and look precisely what triggers them to take action or what intrigues them to view a certain website or app.

As last was I learned to build responsive designs like mobile first. Where you build an website from a mobile device and work your way from there everytime a device bigger till you reached desktop and made responsive design what can be accessed from mobile and other devices. Just like this website. The benefit of implementing this method is that anyone can acces your design because everyone has nowadays a phone.