Launch of portfolio website

June 11, 2020

The launch of my portfolio website is the start to show the world what precisely i can do

Launching my own portfolio website made sure that I can express myself on my own creative way and show everyone what i´m capable of. For example was my first portfolio website made from only HTML, CSS and Javascript. This was to show others that even with only mark-up languages and a little JS that you can make your own website good. On this website was I showing something about myself and how I became what I was now and what inspired me. Further could you see every work that I had till so far from my propeadeutic year and how this had helped me to design or program the most interactable designs.

Also was the website designed to show companies I could make responsive design website that intrigues my target audience. I had done this my showing directly who I am and what I stand for together with showing my current and and what I had done in the past till so far. This gave a clear vision about my vision and what precisely my capabilities are.